Encumbrance has to affect driving

It seems very unnatural to me that my char with more than 60 torso encumbrance can drive any car unhindered.

Torso and other body parts encumbrance should have an effect on driving, maybe even to the extent that above a certain limit you should not be able to get inside the car.

Got it for you :wink:


The only time I’ve ever noticed an affect while driving was when I carried a tank drone home on a motor cycle… in my lap…

It SLIGHTLY affected my turning speed >_>

Edit: I’ll add that I think that was only cos I was “knocked to the floor” status


how 60 encumbrance on torso would affect manipulating with car controls

Try to wear a duffel bag AND a backpack full of items and get into the car, then handle those controls.

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This is a good example of where you can skip the verisimilitude to avoid useless and annoying mechanics. At worst encumbrance should slow down your ability to start a vehicle, after which could we please just assume you toss your bags somewhere and get busy? I don’t want to have to deal with that explicitly.


Yes, i agree. This is a side of realism i do not want in.

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Depends on the specific garments worn. A male with a…how shall I put it…water melon-ish size object in his lap would seem rather encumbered(albeit very relaxed wink). But can drive perfectly fine(ignoring stop signs and traffic red lights).

While wearing power armor could prevent you from even entering the vehicle. All relative. So someone would have to rearrange the entire worn wardrobe and tags and all garments in general. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one mate. =D

Yeah, this doesn’t really add anything to gameplay except an increase in tediousness. You already get slowed down while moving onto seat tiles, which can represent you taking your backpack, vest, etc off and slinging it onto the seat next to you. Scaling this delay based on encumbrance might be ok, but honestly I’d just leave things as they are.

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