Hostiles ocassionally not registering even with safe mode, seemingly coming out of nowhere

Occasionally i’m having enemies suddenly pop up on me without safe mode triggering, even though i’m in the middle of a road. The first time it was a webbed zombie and I just brushed it off as maybe I ignored them earlier and wasn’t paying attention, however a second time this happened when a wolf suddenly attacked me even though I was in the middle of a road.
Usually when wildlife shifts into aggressive mode like geese or coyotes I get a warning, but this one seemingly popped out of nowhere.
There’s no possible way it should have been able to move fast enough out of the forest for me to not see it before it got within attacking range. When I lit a fire to scare it away it broke my limbs so I dropped the lighter halfway through lighting it, causing the game to crash.

Did it happen around a spot your game “crashed” before? The only way I had that happen was closing the game on a death screen when doing some mob testing. On reload the mobs that killed me occasionally popped back into existence when I moved to their previous location.

no the game crashed after the mob popped up

What’s on your global & character Safe Mode list?
Were you driving/riding (or just controlling a vehicle)?
Was it during an action that takes a lot of steps (like reading a book, disassembling, …)?
I guess you’re sure you didn’t turn off Safe Mode in any way, so I’m not asking that…

currently the latest version and the only mods used are blazemod
I have no monsters listed in my list and was just traveling on foot

were you moving via auto-move or just moving tile by tile?

one thought is that you’re, for whatever reason, taking so long to move a single tile that enemies ‘teleport’ on top of you (they move several times in the span of you taking one step) but that should still stop you from moving and alert you with safe mode on…

I have noticed this happening while using / to drag item piles around. The game doesnt give me any kind of a warning until im on turn 15 of standing inside a shocker lightning bolt, even with safe mode on.