Possible Safe mode bug?

For some reason a Squirrel at the edge of my vision set off my safe mode alert. (he was tracking me) So I went to add him to the White-list, but the game crashed when I hit (M)ove messing around with the menu to try and make sure he was white-listed not blacklisted. Can anyone reconstruct this?

Your squirrel was a rare Sabre-tooth Squirrel. Those are dangerous, ya know? In fact, your game was so scared, it ran away when you even tried to mention it’s name to it. Or maybe it was a Mycus-Squirrel…nod nod

In other news: I saw quite a few squirrels so far, and I even spawned a few in, to check if something like your problem happened: Nothing. It would help to know the experimental you’re using Lit, either the version or build number.

-_- yeah, that would have been a good thing for me to jot down. I think if there was an issue it was on the whitelist/blacklist safe side. I’ll keep better track of the details if I run into it again. What makes squirrels aggressive? I wasn’t even with a animal discord character.

Squirrels should NEVER be aggressive in the first place. Even if you run up to them, they always flee - no surprise there, as squirrels have -89 / -99 aggressivness and -8 / -9 morale. Yes, there are 2 kinds of squirrels, a normal one and a red one. Probably to differentiate between brown and red squirrel, as the red one (the smaller one) has even lower aggro and morale than the other one. Not sure why they did that though.

wrap around aggression? so negative it becomes positive?