SAFE Mode Change

Minor change to safe mode. How about a setting to make it so the same create cannot set off safemode again for x number of turns after having first set it off and having been ignored? This way walking through the woods the web spiders won’t set it off over and over and over again due to trees.

This would be a welcome change, in my opinion.

There’s nothing quite like disabling safe mode to avoid the aforementioned web spider ignore spam and then forgetting to re-enable it and walking directly into the slavering jaws of a waiting Jabberwock.

Here here!

Safemode is quirky. I’m all for more control. We have autopickup macros, give us a custom safemode menu too :slight_smile:

There was a fix that landed last night by Atomicdryad that stores the actual monsters you’re ignoring, so that losing sight of a monster briefly doesn’t trigger safe mode when it comes back in sight.

Now if you ignore a monster, it marks it ignored along with the distance to it, and it doesn’t bug you about it unless the distance to it is halved, or it’s 6 moves or closer to you. (I’m not sure about that hard minimum, but we’ll see if there are any legitimate use cases where people want to ignore monsters that close, there may well not be.)

Excellent, that might make it useable again (currently I just see it as a nuisance, besides when I get slimed by a boomer).

Is there a way to designate which monsters trigger safe mode? I poked around in monster.json and it doesn’t seem to be set there. I like the new safe mode changes for proximity rather than vision but the dogs/foxes/rats are driving me insane triggering 3 times each because they always immediately close the distance. Rats aren’t even much of a threat for new spawns but they are everywhere and it gets pretty frustrating.

No way to toggle them, might think about making that an explicit monster tag. Those in particular sound like they should just not count as agressive at all.

The problem is that currently the game has no way of differentiating between “following, potentially friendly” and “tracking, aggressive hunting” (i.e., dog vs. cougar). Really the game needs a rework on the whole attitude thing. (“aggression” and “morale” are also virtually worthless stats right now because of the way it handles attitudes, they only will actually trigger changes in a very small range under very specific circumstances).