Do the new Labs contain autodocs or mutagens?

Hello just cleared my first lab, the new variant(I know they been up for several months) and found no trace of autodoc or mutagens and only had 1 floor compared to the several of the old lab. So my question is:

do all new labs have this layout or is there a chance for them to generate different, perhaps with different stuff? I’m playing as bionic monster and would really need to get to an autodoc to remove those pesky malfunctioning bionics.

single floor, completely square design. Lots of scientists, security guards, and bio-operators and a mix of other types. It also tends to have lots of mechanical guards that fight the zombies. sometimes you just end up pulping all the corpses and not actually fighting that much. There are very few turrets to worry about and those mostly get destroyed by the zombies.

Loot is mostly chemistry materials with some containing mutagens (supposedly the ones with subway only access, but i cannot personally verify). sterile CBM drops from the scientists are fairly numerous (and if you enjoy 45 minute dissections for few rewards, go for it).

These types of labs are either accessed via an elevator from an above ground building or via subway access only. there are a LOT of these underground, with many only having the subway access. they do not have lower levels and have none of the barracks/library/prisoner-containment type rooms. No autodocs. They also do not have a guaranteed finale room like the older labs.


Exactly my observations. The loot in the old labs was way better now I just hoarded gallons of chemicals. Yes the scientist drops are pretty good stuff and for some reason 5.56 mm turrets drop thousands of bullets that’s more than enough ammo for a small army.

That being noted, I’m still desperate for an autodoc. Are Doctor’s offices and Military Bunkers the only place for them to spawn right now?

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The ‘illegal’ autodoc spawning in basements still appears. Just due to the new basements its MUCH rarer and due to the fact its a variant of a already rare basement, its very very rare.


The old labs still spawn. Also if you find a ‘research centre’ then go all the way to the top you can find an emergency stairway going down down underground, where there is an old style lab.