Broken autodoc couch

tl;dr: Does a broken autodoc couch render the autodoc useless or can it be fixed?
I spent 20+ days (in game) prepping for and raiding a lab being fought over by leech stalks and zombies.
As you’d expect they made a complete mess of the place and it was a major pain in the ass.
When I finished and found the autodoc the couch was broken. I tried putting a sofa next to it but it won’t recognize it. Got tons of bionics and zombie scientists to dissect and a necromancer setup to bring them back to provide better corpses. Need to know if I’m out of luck here and need to find a new autodoc or not. I’m having a hard time finding reliable information. The wiki is out of date and I can’t seem to find reliable up to date information. Seems like a constructable autodoc couch should be added to me.

It really depends on whether the couch is just a couch or if it also has a lot of advanced functionality such as supervision of vital signs, administration of drugs, etc. An autodoc is really a two tile piece of equipment, and it isn’t exactly clear if the couch part is just a passive bench to lie on, or if that’s just the tile you can move through and lie down on.


I remember a topic that stated that the autodoc couch isn’t a normal couch, as it has an anesthesia admitting system built in, as well as some complex wiring and hence can’t be replaced.


Thanks for the responses, I have two other lab locations so hopefully it will work out.
A little apprehensive knowing that zombies can spawn in autodoc rooms now.
They used to be safely ensconced.

I usually had some Zombies, failed Cyborgs and/or a Nursebot spawn in them, so I don’t think that’s a “recent” change.

Never had any zombies spawn in the autodoc room in science labs in 0.E2 stable. There sometimes was a nursebot (that may or may not be insane) in there. Locked away adjacent to the room there usually were zombies and/or cyborgs, but you didn’t have to release them.

In the hospitals, however, everything was trashed by the time I managed to clear them out.

Obviously, things may have changed since then.

I know. No, I’m talking about the tiny room itself.
And not only since 0.E-2, it goes back to sometime in the year 2018.

Funny enough - according to the code - there should not be any other monsters than Nursebots in that room.
Maybe it’s a random spawn (more than likely, given that I’ve also found Zombies smashing the computers and equipment, even though there should nothing spawn outside the cells and operating room)?

There is some wackery going on with monsters returning to RB from the map, see last episodes of Vorm’s Battle-Ark series where shoggoth and zeindeer mysteriously relocated to other tiles after being left out of reality bubble for some time in one-tile vehicle cells.

Oh, yes, this is also a thing for quite a while now… (autumn 2019, I think?)
However, I’ve never found it to affect anything else than vehicles, so I just use road barricades to trap monsters now. Also, it does not affect all vehicles (or orientations).

There is a specific finale with an Autodoc that spawns with a Shocker Brute inside it.
It’s not common, but it happens. Although I don’t remember seeing actual spawns inside it that aren’t a nurse bot, except from way back when the Z-Levels/Wander Spawns would screw up and it would occasionally lead to monsters falling through Z-Levels for no apparent reason.