Homeless camp scenario start

As the title says new scenario, starts in a homeless camp, I didn’t see one like this already made, and wanted to RP one myself, thought I’d share it. Is limited to survivor, tweaker, crackhead, and hobo, no bonus points cause you start outside of town, like the wilderness start. Any other professions you think might fit let me know.

Tested on build 8246, it should work on older builds as long as they are after the homeless camps were added, back in August I believe.

Can be found under the balance section at world gen like the other scenario mods.



I’ve been wanting something like this for a hobo start. I was just too dumb to verbalize it. Thanks!

EDIT: as for other professions maybe camper, backpacker, and wanderer (I’m iffy on that one though)

Didn’t think camper fit cause you aren’t homeless you just went out camping.
Backpacker maybe, but you were living off your trust fund, and after the cataclysm you lost access to it, probably wouldn’t of been on the streets prior to it.

EDIT: Hobo start is what I’m planing on doing for it too, haven’t tried any of the addiction starts yet.

Good point on camper. For backpacker I justify it it as it being like those granola hippies that walk across Europe staying in hostels. They’re basically just part time hobos.

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Backpacker and hitchhiker have been added to it.

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Updated to add Vagabond profession, can also choose homeless camp on a fled the riots start, tested on new 8141 build, worked for me.

An hostel is a big upgrade from being homeless ^^

True. Hence my “part time hobo” designation.