Home Sweet Home: Your ideal Home

I never really made home bases. Never saw the appeal in them before, I just made myself a vehicle with a 3x3 storage space, bed and kitchen and drove around the world getting loot. I might build myself one in my next playthrough, get myself a dog and some companions, then build a player camp right outside it maybe. Can you somehow integrate your own building with the player camp ?

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I would say a motel or a lumber mill. A motel is great due to the ‘L’ shape that I like. Many windows, many doors. I used to create a passage between each room. It provides me with a lot of space and a chance to escape. A pool outside is a great advantage of a motel.
A lumber mill is the best option for winter. I love low-profile homes where I do not need to chop trees. Building and foraging is easy there due to the fact that a lumber mill provides me with A LOT of nails and wood (charcoal)


Through one playthrough as a nomadic Hobo, I decided to make a temporary home across the rooftops.
With nothing more than a couple of tents, a sleeping bag and a mess kit.

It wasn’t the safest location since climbing down can always lead to a nasty surprise. Would strongly recommend getting a grappling hook for getting down any side of the building. It was however very convenient spot with quick access to the city.

Sadly Sir TrashBang has long since joined the undead legions, but I’ll probably try again with a focus of building atop the roofs this time around.


why even bother?


Is that the refugee centre? Don’t NPCs steal now?

Also did you dump a corpse on the floor over there?

passive npc dont steal for now

got this body from quest, gotta cut him later

Maybe I’m just the oddball. I think making a live in vehicle with all my needs taken care of is my best idea for a home. Go full gypsy and see the sights. I think 1 person can do pretty well with all the stuff they can find in the woods and miscellaneous food items in city areas with a long shelf life.

“Hey that guy from outside is cutting up a human corpse in the dormitory”

“He’s what!?”

Thanks for explaining friend, nice to know people aren’t going to be stealing just yet.

Same here man, always been my go to style. Though it’s always nice to have a home base for storage and long lasting growing of food,alcohol and weed. Mostly weed and alcohol.

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Yeah, I’m also usually more of a vagabond who just clears out a house or whatever for an overnight stay when needed. I’ve gotta say though, island hopping in a ginormous lake like my current character is doing has been fun.

There’s a certain comfort in having a “home base” where you can expect a level of stability after slogging it out on the roads (or waterways!). I’m finding that you can level up your character faster when they have a safe place to study/train instead of using that spare time to secure an area just for a couple days. I’m thinking a home base might start to be more of my play style in future playthroughs.

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I know I’m pretty late but I noticed crazykiddeath made a post with an image that looked like a built in building editor is this a mod 3rd party tool or part of the game and how can I access it.

That’s just vehicle screen. Or rather, multiple screens glued together.

I usually go straight for gun stores. Easily defended and even if you can’t pick locks you can just climb up and break in that way. Best version is the one with a second floor apartment.


The first places i ever used were the good ole evac center and public works. I prefered the public works using the evac center as a temp base. Nowadays i like the horse ranch as it fits my usual scenario of mimicing what i would do in real life, go out to the horse ranch my gf lives on.

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Normally i find a cabin or hermit shack in the swamps or make a mobile base but this time around i was playing a wayfarer character and found a really nicely placed cave right on the river, in between swamps and a stones throw from a bunch of labs, a couple big towns and a mansion or two. Its deep in forest too so its a wilderness resource paradise.

My char is only 2 in game months old so I mostly have my crafting setup up top and a bed with my pile of loot and an atomic lamp down below but I have plans for farming and fortifying down the road.


I never really do the whole homebase thing, if I’m being honest. Normally I just carry my home on my back and hope for the best.

That said…

I’d like to clear out one of the labs and make it my own bunker.

I’ve been trying to convince myself of it through a couple “Escape the Lab” playthroughs, but I always end up forgeting.


Hoo… I respect that, even if I could never do it myself. I just. I just can’t not pick up everything I see. And I can only carry so much. But there are so many Lovely Things. : [

I mean if anything that tells me a nomadic playthrough might actually be a fun challenge for me, since it’ll eliminate all my pack rat dependencies and really make clear what’s indispensable…


My favorite so far was the Private Resort. It can include smoking racks galore on the first and second floor, a pool, and a sight-proof fence all around!

Downsides being the zombies, stripper poles, blood everywhere, windows, and lack of tools. But hey, at least it’s got lots of booze, drugs, instruments, and fancy clothing.

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How did you pull off such a map generation? This sounds like a fascinating playstyle. I’d love to give it a whirl.

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I have one spawned about 5 tiles away from the prison :smiley:
Just driving near Resort triggered zeds and they stared falling from a second floor and breaking fence. Each turn near the area takes about 2 seconds.

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