Holding water in inventory. (Without a container)

Experimental build: fa35f4a

I attempted to drink water while dived underwater. It went through the usual prompt of asking me to fill a container, to which I declined. The game followed that up by asking if I wanted to drink from my hands. I chose yes, and the game told me I can’t do that underwater.

I couldn’t surface after that for some reason, and discovered I was encumbered by going past my volume limit.

I was carrying one water. Not in a container, just pure water. I was able to gather extra water by repeating the process.

Just dive underwater, and try to drink from your hands.

Looks like Granade has posted it on github for you.

I wonder why it would do this though. Would the character’s hands be considered a container when underwater?

My guess is drinking from water places a unit of water in your inventory as an in between step before you drink it. Then, something prevents the player from drinking underwater, so it blocks you from actually consuming the water after it puts it in your inventory.

Taken care of. Thanks for reporting.