High CPU usage when driving, saving, sleeping, and loading

I guess I’ve discovered why I’m having segfaults while driving, it’s because of the high processor usage during the process of doing it. The CPU jumps to 30% and above while I’m driving and gets worse when ramming into a lot of zombies.

I know that high CPU usage when saving, loading, and sleeping is common here, as I’ve seen many people complaining about it. Is there a chance that this might get fixed or looked at?

I think it’s because the game tries to execute as fast as it can, there’s no frame-limiter.

So it wants to do a lot of executions each turn so your OS assigns it more processing time.

Not sure what can be done about it, but the game in many situations loops through a helluva lot of objects to find parts and find items and references to those items and so on and so forth.
It could be made much more efficient, but it’ll take a lot of work to do so.