[0.8 Onward] Increased CPU usage after Sleeping

[ul][li]Vista (32 Bit)[/li]
[li]2 GB RAM[/li]
[li]1.6 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core[/li]
[li]Currently running the 0.8-1685-gf48f63e bleeding edge build but problem has existed (and gotten worse) since the 0.8 release[/li][/ul]

I’ve noticed since the official 0.8 release that CPU usage seems to spike (About 10%) after sleeping, for most people this isn’t a problem (Because most of you have decent PCs, had to switch to ym PoS laptop since my desktop died…) but it gets more than a little annoying, at first the game slows down a little but after a few seconds there’s about a two second delay between pressing a button and the action happening. Restarting the game fixes it but it’s annoying to have to sit though the save and load process (Which at a size 20,000+ Map on a PoS laptop is fairly long, especially while the CPU is maxed out.)

It seems to react poorly with Skype as well, I don’t know if that’s related but the CPU usage on Skype seems to spike at the same time. (To 50%)

Ubuntu 13/ Win 7 X64_86 Dual, (Curses/Cygwin Ncurses)
FX8350 8 core@ 4.2

Running 0.8-1685-gf48f63e as well.

Getting the same problems, but as spikes, not loss of interactivity.
Occurs when sleeping, or performing large movementcost/turncost actions
Issue escalates as number of threads or cores devoted to terminal are decreased.

Its annoying, but I can see where lower end computers suffer. I’ll test it on my Laptop as well (expecting similar results)

Getting small hang-ups while sleeping for a looong time. Definitely since 0.8.

Win 7 64 bit
Intel Core i5 @2.3 Ghz (IIRC it’s 2-cores)

I’ll definitely have to take a close look at performance before next release.
Thanks for reporting the issue and the variety of symptoms.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:4, topic:3626”]I’ll definitely have to take a close look at performance before next release.
Thanks for reporting the issue and the variety of symptoms.[/quote]

I know Dwarf Fortress has a tendency to react poorly with Flash-based stuff. Is it possible CDDA is reacting poorly with Skype or Netflix (Silveright)? Anyone else running either of these two? (Or Chrome with an assortment of tabs open?)

Possibly,Skype and Flash both have a tendency to do lots and lots of small updates, which makes it difficult for heavy number crunching programs like df and cata* to get things done. The good news is it’s probably just something getting out of whack or something that needs caching, so fixing it will just smooth things out.

*I’m not kidding, the numbers, they get crunched, a lot.

coughScent and trackingcough

I’m not running Skype, or much of anything for that matter… just a few typical background processes and daemons intrinsic to Ubuntu and Win7 respectively.

I’m usually not running anything else when playing Cata. And even if I do have Firefox open, I’m never playing other games, and besides, it doesn’t matter for the minute hangups.

same here - CPU performance increases while sleeping, using crafting menus or waiting