High centered tank

I crashed my tank into the theater at the corner of the mall. It sits half in half out on top of rubble. It says ‘Your main battle tank can’t move on this terrain.’. I have tried all speeds going forwards, back and turning. Is it permanently stuck?


It’s probably the rubble causing your issue. You could try digging up the rubble with a shovel. I honestly don’t know if you can dig rubble in the same square a vehicle is in, but give it a shot. Just have a shovel in your inventory and ‘e’ in the direction of the rubble/suspected rubble.

Try just walking with a shovel in your inventory. That should remove all the rubble in your path.

I got a cart(hardly a tank) stuck on a tile of rubble, i couldnt affect the terrain under it with a shovel. I had to unload it to make it light enough to pull off the rubble. If it super loaded with gear maybe unloading it will help, if not… id say take it apart remove the rubble and then put it back together if you have the skill… if you dont have lvl 6 mechanics for the mil. composite you might get it just taking it apart. Maybe it needs more power, but that requires a hell of alot of skill to add more engines to a tank.

If we’re going to add getting vehicles stuck into the game (hey it makes sense) then we also need to add winches into the game. Have lots of cool uses anyway! :slight_smile:

Winches would be great, we could clear roads, do some basic vehicle connection, and set up cars as basic walls. Maybe if its limited to a non moving vehicles, and the pulling vehicle would either need to be heavier than the pulled vehicle unless some sort of stabilizer is also used.

I’m thinking more like this:

I’ve used these a good bit. It takes a lot to get one of these guys stuck in the mud, but when you do…

Both would be cool, but i was using the pic to point out the stabilizers more than the crane.

Winches would be neat. But that got me thinking… is there tow trucks in the game? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. It could be neat to tow a few cars back to your base camp to salvage for parts or to create a wall of cars like what was mentioned earlier.

Yes, that would be neat. We don’t have hitches or tow cables or any other way to temporarily/permanently attach one vehicle to another.

It comes up quite often, actually, but the physics of towing are a LOT harder than what the current system even attempts to fake doing.

That said, I wish they would just let us ATTACH vehicles to each other - that is already done (intentionally poorly) to create wrecks, so it shouldn’t be TOO hard, and it would help tremendously.

I’m with you deoxy, I’d take a broken implementation as a placeholder for a better one over the current state of nothing at all. I just want to build a bike bay onto the back of my giant deathrig of doom…

I made the folding parts pack addition to bridge that gap, a little bit. I actually considered making EVERY part foldable for the same volume as the part when it is removed, but 1) that would be a pain, 2) it’s probably not REALLY necessary, and 3) I don’t think the devs would include it.

The ability to make some kind of vehicle-holding space in a vehicle would also be pretty useful, and it might be easier to implement, really (based on how wrecks exist with multiple frames in one space, and such). I’d dedicate 3 spaces on the back of my vehicle to holding a bike for scouting…

I did this on my home system way back when. I limited it to smallish parts and crafting stations. I had a fold up solar powered crafting station that I could pack on my vehicle and deploy at a temporary base at need. All it took was a couple of painful turns of holding the damn thing so I could activate it. Seriously wish we could activate things on the ground.

It would be easier to work with now since the foldable tag shows up in the vehicle construction screen. When I get tired of beating my head against npc spawns and item movement code, I’ll take a look at doing it again. You’re right though, dev’s probably wouldn’t want to mainline it. No reason you can’t release a mod on the forums though.