Hidden forest improvements

Been thinking some new forest “maps” would be cool, meadows or ponds or abandoned buildings or caves that look like regular forest tiles on the map (green F, says forest!)… Would actually mean you’d have to explore woods to find things, could have a useful pond near your safehouse but wouldn’t know till you checked…

This sounds like a pretty good idea.
I think one time I saw a pond in a forest, but maybe that’s just my imagination.
Creeks, rocky terrain, and caves in the middle of forests.
An abandoned building, that isn’t a cabin? Rather an (A)bandoned shack?

Mmm, there’d have to be some way for the player to find them, besides trawling the forests.

Local maps/npc dialogue?

Is it possible to give forest tiles a low percent chance to spawn creeks or small solid rock caves?

Regarding fruit bush filled meadows with flowers and butterflies, maybe they can be found using a “Hiker’s trail map” found… idk maybe at a sporting good store. Same goes for ponds with clean spring water (or giant mutated goldfish).

I really like the idea of hidden forest buildings with no indication, however there would presumably need to be some indication, even if it was trails through the forest leading up to the object of interest.

Sounds like a custom “Forest sanctuary” mega-center in the making.
Maybe we can add some nether elements/creatures while we’re at it.

I agree. Why should I know where a LMOE shelter is from twenty tiles away. I need to stumble upon it.

Binoculars let you see “20 miles” any direction.
Off-topic: Forests and buildings should block map development to imitate your regular vision range.
I like the current system, but I could also adapt and enjoy this idea ^^^

Overmap terrain does have a “see cost” that affects how far you can see past it.

I’d really like to see trails in the woods, to make navigation a little easier without having to stop every two seconds to go around an impassable tree. It would also be nice if binoculars were revamped a little so you actually had to look with them instead of being able to drive through at 300mph and seeing everything with binoculars.

Binocs don’t work too well when phasing through terrain at 2.5k mph, causing bubbles of revealed terrain on the map, but it’s fun…