Minor Forest Suggestions

Several things that should be findable in forests but don’t currently exist.

Dead Wood: From entire downed trees to simple branches. I do some branches occasionally, but walking through the woods of New Hampshire I’d say dead wood is pretty common. You may simple wish to make it an action that you scavenge dead wood from an area instead of actually adding it.

Flowing Water: From little more than a trickle to a small stream, but still well short of a true river. Ponds and marshy low laying areas. Spring flooding is very much a thing. Summer lows are also.

Partially Logged Areas: Areas that are a mess and hard to get through because they are partially logged and there is a lot of dead wood left laying about.

Clearings with Lots of Brush: Areas that for whatever reason have few trees and of brush. Especially thorn bushes.

Free Standing Stone Walls: Old stone walls with no mortar. There are lots of these where I lived in New Hampshire. You go walking into the woods and find them in the middle of nowhere. Most of New England was clear cut during the early days of colonial settlement.

Maple Tree Taps: If the cataclysm happened at the right time of year, you could have maple tree taps with hose running between multiple trees and a bucket.

Some survival style suggestions for someone whose been stuck in the woods in their current game. Being able to find logs that are just dead wood sitting in the woods (especially now that stone axes are much harder to get)
Being able to “harvest”/break branches off of trees that you don’t harvest otherwise.
Being able to use tin cans and other such items to boil water in an emergency situation.
Being able to use/equip a log to float/swim across the water.

And a last suggestion… Dugout/birch bark canoes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Flowing water is in, though it could stand to see more use in mapgen.
Clearings with bushes are a map extra. Maple tree taps with buckets can show up as well, but they’re not common.

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Some of these things are already implemented and you are free to implement remaining as well.

If I could implement them I would. Kinda thought that was obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you won’t try there is a big chance it is not happening at all.

Yeah, ideas for what to do are not in short supply, it’s people who will roll up their sleeves and get those ideas done that we don’t have enough of.
(What I wouldn’t give for a time machine to pull 16-year-old me into the future to show him this game and github. Then when he picked his jaw up off the floor and wiped the tears from his eyes he could spend 14 hours a day coding on CDDA instead)

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We can post our ideas if we want. Maybe someone will find something interesting in there. Maybe it’ll spark an idea of their own. You honestly shouldn’t down talk other people just posting their ideas. Jeeze.

Many of these are quite easy to implement. I’d be happy to help you get started, check out the new contributors guide and then pop on discord.

Encouraging to start contributing is completely the opposite of the down talk.

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@Erk I appreciate the offer, but I’m not interested in joining development at this time.
@Zhilkin Your statement about stuff not being implemented makes me feel otherwise about your statements.

Either way I’m going to continue to post ideas like I have off and on for years now.

Were any of them ever implemented?

Yes. :slight_smile: They were.

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