Hickory tree gives infinite nuts

Version: 0.C-23878

Dunno, if it is bug or intended, but you can pick up nuts from a single hickory tree as many times as you want and it doesn’t require game time. Which in turn gives infinite food. I belive it’s broken, cos you can dig it.

How to reproduce:

  1. (E)xamine hickory tree;
  2. On first promt answer (Y)es (pick up nuts);
  3. On second promt answer (N)o (don’t dig it);
  4. Go to step 1.

Nice catch! :slight_smile:

Looks like it wasn’t properly transforming the trees to the harvested type, I’ve got a PR up that should fix the issue once it gets merged.

This guy ^^^ got it.

Welcome back i2amroy :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad to be back. :slight_smile:

Why is there an option to dig up the tree (which kills it)? And why does digging it up (in 4 seconds) not yield … a tree or anything else?

You don’t literally dig up the entire tree, you dig up roots from around the tree. It should take longer than 4 seconds, though.


I’d think that in real life you could get a sustainable amount of roots without having to kill a tree. If you give it a year to recover between ‘harvests’.