Overriding item amount

Okay, so I’m wondering if there is a way to change the number of items being spawned for items that spawn in large quantities.

Specifically, I’m creating a location where there are supplies related to reloading ammunition. However, the primers, lead, etc. all spawn in quantities of 100+.

Giving a character a free stack of 200 rifle primers seems a little OP to me as you only need 1 primer per round you create. That means that even if I only spawn 1 primer item in the location, the player is getting enough material for 200 rounds.

So, is there some way that I can override this to give a smaller number? I’ve looked in other json but couldn’t find anything relating to reducing the total. Or, if you have experience reloading ammunition (I’ve never done it) am I overreacting to what is actually not that potent of an item spawn?

Doesn’t "charges": [ 1, 10 ] work for you?

Ah, it totally does. I didn’t know you could use charges on items that weren’t things like lighters. It makes sense, but I didn’t even consider it.

Always start by blindly hacking away at it. When you hit a problem, read the docs. Then go back to hacking away at it. :wink:

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