Adding mods to current saves

Right, so, I’m trying to add some mods to a current save. Those being the medieval and historical mod, and the makeshift items mod. I’ve googled some stuff, and seen there are answers that look straightforward enough with json stuff, but;

  1. I’m a dumbass with this kind of stuff
  2. I’m using experimental, and I’m unsure if I need to do stuff differently because of this
    Basically, even with those other pages that’ve answered my question, I’m still confused. Could somebody give me a step by step for how to do this?
  1. Find the folder containing Cataclysm: DDA
  2. Find your save in the saves folder and open the mods.json file
  3. Add the id of the mods you want to the list. You an find the mod id in the mod’s modinfo file. If there’s only one entry in the file, remove the “,” from the end

Step 2 is where I’ve been getting stuck. I open the folder up through experimental, go to the ‘save’ folder, then click on my world. The only thing in it is a folder called ‘maps’, and inside it are a bunch of differently numbered empty folders.

Can you load and play that save at all?

Yep, played it today. Other ones too.

Should also note that I am opening it through the experimental launcher. Here’s a screenshot of what I click.

It’s the triple dot button below the exit button at the top right.

Bumping this, sorry if I’m doing shitty thread necromancy, but I have no idea what the issue with this is.

Just go to that folder in your normal file browser and you’ll see what you need. That option in the launcher is for pointing it to the folder where the game is located so it only shows folders, not files in them.

I’m running into trouble there. I’m not sure how to access the game files any other way than that. When I right click on the cdda launcher program, there’s no option to open the file location.

Are you using Windows 10? You may be able to search for the executable and go from there. Just click on the Start button or press the Windows key and type in “cataclysm”. If it manages to find the game, right-click on the executable and choose “Open File Location”.

Sure enough you’re going to see the empty folders, since you’re clicking the ‘…’ button to select a folder where cdda game is located. It tells you to select a folder, it’s not going to show you any files. To find them and to find the mods.json, you should manually find the way to that file using the Windows Explorer or another file manager.

Are you telling us you don’t know how to use the Win Explorer? Because the path to the game is clearly written next to the ‘…’ button.

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