Help with inserting armor/clothing, please?

I do really enjoy Cataclysm DDA so far, it’s really unique in what it does. But I have noticed that there is a distinct lack of advanced armor while plasma, laser and gauss weapons, bionics and combat robots are almost common if you look in the right places. So I made my own combat armor stuff, more advanced armor, meant for spec-ops or high-pay mercenaries. I ran into some issues with that though and I guess I cornered the problem. Are ARMOR items restricted to two materials, if I wanted to make something out of

the game would not allow it?
Like say

// NAME RAR PRC COLOR MAT1 MAT2 ARMOR("combat vest", 35, 6150, C_TORSO, COTTON, KEVLAR, PLASTIC, // VOL WGT DAM HIT ENC RES CUT ENV WRM STO COVERS 17, 15, -1, 1, 1, 17, 22, 9, 50, 4, mfb(bp_torso)|mfb(bp_arms), "\ Recent advancements in materials allowed for a new suit of lightweight\n\ but very resilient armor. It has seen little deployment before the apocalypse\n\ and is a rare find.");
caused an error, yet when removing the COTTON tag the compiler allowed it.

This is because you can only define two material types per item.

Preeetty much exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.