Help with bionic modding and other mod issues

Hello there, I’m new and I’d like to ask some questions:
How can I mod bionics that has bionic blaster arm effect i.e. cost an arm or a leg to install etc?
The check is neither in bionics.cpp nor in character.cpp.
What is the standard of profession point costs? What combinations of equipments and skills should cost more than others?
And what is you guys’ opinions towards sci-fi weapons and bionics? I’m really a fan of sci-fi things, but cataclysm has very limited of those.
Are you guys against mods with fallout energy weapons or deus ex like bionics?

Currently you can’t mod put new bionics or modify existing one for mods (I tried…) as their functions are not .json (as far as I know.) You can make weapons off of the bionics however. With professions, just use discretion in point cost and use vanilla professions as guides.

You would have to either add a framework for it in the source, or directly add it into the source (as is the case for the fusion blaster arm), or come up with some silly way of doing it like turning it into wearable clothing.
Luckily catadda is both open source and CC-BY-SA 3.0. Unluckily it’s more complicated than json entries.