Can you have both bionics and mutations?

Can you mix bionics and mutations on the same character?

Short answer: yes
Long answer: absolutely 100% totally viably definitely without a doubt yes

Seriously, you can’t have both in the experimental. One painfully removes the other, so yeah.

Not everybody plays the experimental, you know, a lot of people go for the stable version because ‘experimental’ gives them bad vibes.

Sooo, I guess that’s a no? Is this a recent change, if it’s something that’s present in the experimental builds?

So mutations are obsolete almost.
You either get a large chunk of the tree, or get your blaster arm and ratchet joints to rape.

So to clarify

Stable: Yes
experimental: No

Yes, exactly.

The nano machines in the bionics violently attack the unnatural mutations, causing pain and loss of mutation. Or the bionic fails or install.

I did a couple searches through the GitHub page, and couldn’t find anything that disallowed this. I’m guessing this thread’s being trolled pretty hard.

This will be a thing. Very soon.

Just preemptively spreading info.

I guess even in a zombie apocalypse a mutant cyborg is OP

experimental: No
That totally sucks ass.

Hopefully they can make that crap optional.

Everything is optional.

It’s called .json editing.

Why not let people Json edit it in the feature and leave it out for the rest of us…

It's called .json editing.
I mean I don't want to fucking do it, but then who else will?

What a pain in the ass. It’s like I have to do everything around here. I deserve a trophy.

The bigger issue is that this sounds like a comprehensive change, it’s going to suck to mod out. It’s going to suck even more to keep it up to date as the game develops around the change. But whatever, I’ll fix it with a mod if the devs don’t come to their senses by the time the next version comes out. I’ll let you all use it cause I’m such a nice guy.

Why not allow bionics to work with alpha? I mean, JUST alpha. That way, you’re still generally human, not particularly OP really. Just a bit of extra stats, not even much.

I kinda like bionics not working right with anything else however, since all the other mutations seriously change your body, bionics aren’t meant to be applied to squidmen after all!

Not sure about the “medical” mutation, though; it seems that should be viable, but that would be hells of OP.

This will be a thing. Very soon.

Just preemptively spreading info.[/quote]

Is there a thread or something discussing the reasoning behind this? Bionics + mutations are most certainly OP, but having both means the player is pretty far in the late-game, at which point the game really isn’t balanced to present a challenge at all. Player’s are still OP with just bionics or mutations as it is. A decision like this just feels like we’re needlessly trampling on fun.

Instead of a blanket ban on both, it’d make more sense to just have certain bionics be incompatible with certain mutations that have taken away the humanity the bionic assumed the character to have.

In reality, hunting for cool mutations and bionics is pretty much what’s left to do once we reach the end game, other than building a car and fixing up a base. This change is pointless and leaves skilled players with even less to do.

And to be honest, mutations and bionics aren’t OP, they just do really cool stuff, that while practical in a few instances, aren’t necessary for survival during any point in the game. Their only OP in the sense of adding a cup holder to an Abrams tank. Once your skills with just about any weapon group reach 7, you’ve pretty much won. Sure, you could improve your stats, but how much of a difference is it when you’re doing 100 damage a hit anyway? I’m not up for compromise on this issue at all, it’s just going to end up having to be fixed with mods.

Of course, now is about the time when some dev comes in and gives us some half assed explanation as to why not having fun is actually a good thing, everyone will kiss their ass, and we carry on as usual.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:3, topic:5972”]

Seriously, you can’t have both in the experimental. One painfully removes the other, so yeah.[/quote]

That’s stupid, why would anybody intentionally give themselves mutations at that point? Bionics are straight up superior in every way to mutations; there’s no reason to ever chose the latter if you had to pick between the two. Bionics are more useful, more reliable, more straightforward, and just plain more interesting than mutations. Besides, how does my being a bird or lizard creature prevent me from installing a clock in my innards? It doesn’t even make sense from a lore perspective.

I could understand if you had tentacle arms and then you tried to install a laser cannon arm, but what about ones that don’t affect your arms or hands? that should technically be ok right?