Version naming discussion

Asimov! A for Asimov!

THIS! Asimov would approve.

Another alternative would be “Adams”, for J.J. Adams, one of the biggest zombie anthology editor/publishers out there.

Yeah, let’s save “Asimov” for when robots get a big update, eh? Seems more apt.

Oh noes! Not FtB/Atheism+ again! These guys have a track record of spreading bogus slander about the people they don’t like. Especially sexual harassment seems to be their favorite tool. Anonymous, hearsay-based accusations made decades after the event against a dead guy, who can’t defend himself? That’s low.

I don’t think this is the right place to defend your sexist hero. Asimov doesn’t seem to be a good fit for this release, anyhow.

You haven’t even established he indeed was a “sexist hero”. Name calling doesn’t prove anything. But I agree this is not the right place to have that discussion. I just had to counter the slander coming from a non-reliable source. Couldn’t leave it as a statement of fact. It is not. That’s all.

What does Duke Nukem have to do with cataclysm?

Gentlemen pls.

Asimov my ass. Love the guy’s novels. But A, in any zombie media, should be for Ash.

“This is my BOOM stick!”, Ash Williams.

I’m totally on board with calling it “Ashley”. I think that was one of the skipped ideas for the last release, anyway. Regardless of Asimov’s PERSONAL issues, his contribution to the field of robot-based literature is still important and impressive. Kind of like Orson Scott Card. I don’t need to like the guy, or accept his own personal views, in order to read the books. And naming a hypothetical future robot-focused release after Asimov isn’t celebrating his alleged sexism, it’s commenting on his additions, nay, foundations, of fictional AI.

You all need to go read the release checklist again :stuck_out_tongue:
If anything it makes me less likely to use the proposed names.

A for Amigara

Seconded. Slandering the dead seems low, especially when he was almost universally known for his good nature and friendliness, as well as outspoken feminism before a time when it was the done thing.

How about we go old school and call it atari or amiga or ackbar?

Ackbar needs to be saved for when there is a big trap-system overhaul.

Release names aren’t planned for in advance. It spoils the fun.

Line 1 of the RELEASE_CHECKLIST file:

Come up with a release name at the absolute last second.

Rod for Rotundo!

Lovecraft, King, Orwell…

How about Carpenter, for John Carpenter?