Help needed cross compiling Windows Tile version on Linux

I want to learn how to compile a windows tiles version of the game using Linux.

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 as a VM. Specifically I want to compile this version of the game

I am following the instructions. But I always get errors.

These are the steps I have followed.

Cross-compile to Windows SDL from Linux



sudo apt-get install autoconf bison flex cmake git automake intltool libtool scons yasm
mkdir -p ~/src/mxe
git clone -b stable ~/src/mxe
cd ~/src/mxe
make sdl sdl_ttf


make TILES=1 CROSS=i686-pc-mingw32-

I have just been typing all these commands into a terminal window, is that correct?
Are there steps that I have to do before starting this process? Or are there other things I need to know?

I would love if someone with knowledge of how to cross compile wrote a detailed guide.

Thanks :slight_smile: