Compiling Cataclysm issue

I have Windows and I used the Cygwin Method to compile the source but when i type in ./cataclysm its says “-bash: ./cataclysm: No such file or directory” I was wondering if anyone knew a possible reason this could be happening.

You probably need to “cd X” into your cataclysm folder first.

This is what I do and what happens

My C:\Games\Cataclysm-DDA folder

i assume you compiled the tiles version since i see no cataclysm binary in your folder.
from the cata directory, try “./cataclysm-launcher” instad of “./cataclysm”

…or recompile without setting TILES=1 if you want the ncurses version

Cygwin can’t handle SDL, so it can’t compile TILES (or at least last I tried I couldn’t get it to compile SDL, if you did then I’d dearly love to know how).

And yeah, stupid question, but did you actually use “make” in that folder? As jcd points out I’m not seeing a cataclysm.exe in there.

Well, I have no idea what is going on with it so I’m just going to use the Code blocks method for compiling it. Thanks for the help though.

Well Codeblocks did not work either so I went back to cygwin and i noticed this error after I typed in make

I believe you are missing the liconv library. Did you make sure to install that when you installed the various libraries at the start. I’ll double check exactly what libraries I have installed later tonight when I’m back at my comp if you are still having any problems.

Edit: pretty sure you needed the version 2 of one of the libraries, so check if there is an iconv2 library to download.

Edit Edit: Yeah, go download the libiconv2 with the Cygwin package downloader and you should be fine (hopefully). I’ll update the wiki as well.