Help making a kitten mod?

Hello group, I’m trying to make a kitten mod. It’s my first mod and I’m just experimenting so bear with me.

Here’s my monsters.json –

Question is: how can I get cat breeding to work? or at least reproduction spawning.
I figured it’d be in these key variables
“reproduction”: { “baby_monster”: “mon_cat_kitten”, “baby_count”: 5, “baby_timer”: 10 },
“baby_flags”: [ “SPRING” ],

But I left two cats alone in a room, gave them both cat food and let time pass through debug or waiting days, still no kittens. Can create them in debug though. Maybe theres some code missing from the new dog breeding update?

There’s some issues with the animal baby code, but basic functionality is there.

Did you leave the reality bubble in your testing? Because I added your JSON to mon_cat, debug teleported 3 map tiles, debug changed the day to spring 13, and debug teleported back, and there were 5 little 'c’s wandering around my glass test chamber.

Animals only spawn when entering the reality bubble.

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