Heavy Duty Boards vs Heavy Duty Stow Boards - Stow Boards too good?

Heavy Duty Boards have 450 Durability, weigh 28.4 lbs, and cost 1 Steel Plating. By comparison, a Heavy Duty Stow Board is a noticeably increased 664 Durability and comes with 47.50 L of storage space - everything else, including install time and required resources, is the same as the Heavy Duty Board. The question is, am I missing something?

Is the Stow Board supposed to just be better for no reason? You could make your whole war machine with Stow Boards as the exterior, gaining a ton of storage space for free, a more durable outside, and while it would be ugly as sin it would be superior to using the actual made-for-this Heavy Duty Boards. This seems unintentional, at least to me - shouldn’t a stow board be weaker because it has storage space and therefore is less structurally sound due to the hollow interior? Am I not thinking about it right?

same thing happens with some doors (like the shutter door and a normal door) the most important thing to look out for vehicle parts, is if its opaque or not, and the weight. And there is the fact that some parts allows to weld/add things on the vehicle that others dont iirc

That’s fair; in this case both are also opaque and weigh the same, but I’ll check into if you can weld the same stuff onto them.