Questions about Carts(Or 1x1 vehicles)

Im wondering whats the best armor to add to it so it wont be easily destroyed. Also, will it ever get too heavy? My cart is basically a welding cart but with an actual storage battery instead of a small one.

Military composite plate is the best armor I believe. At one tile it probably won’t get too heavy. Obviously you should also use a heavy duty frame for durability if that’s your only concern.

There is a noticeable weight trade off though, if you’re going to be dragging it around. How strong is your character? My carts can quickly become too heavy to move, if I’m collecting heavy stuff like batteries and heavy plating. Less dense stuff tends to work fine if I keep the cart itself light.

That does bring up another point. Casters or somesuch makes it easier to drag at heavier weights in addition to reducing the noise it generates.

I have casters and 13 strength

Yeah you should be fine. Unless you fill it with lead and gold you’ll run out of volume well before strength becomes an issue.

That’s interesting, I had no idea they did that. Are there any other parts that act like that? I’m not sure what to look for in the part descriptions for the effect.

I don’t believe so. Mufflers reduce engine noise but that’s not necessary for a dragging vehicle. The ease of dragging is just my experience but I haven’t rigorously tested it so I could be wrong on that, but my character definitely seems to have less trouble with a fully loaded cart with wheels than the same cart without.

Definitely need some kind of wheels yes, I tend to use casters on mine too. But I’ve been meaning to try some other options (wheelbarrow wheel, etc).