Suggestion: constructable "scrap steel wall"

Scrap Steel Wall

Non-load-bearing impassible opaque terrain. Durability similar to Boards on cars.
Tools: Hammer, Welder (10 charges) OR Integrated Toolset (1 charge)
Materials: 1 Steel Plate OR 1 Steel Frame
Build time: 5 minutes


As long as you have a ready source of power for your welder, it’s currently much easier to build walls that are actually vehicles than to build walls using Construction. This is silly, but in a lot of ways it actually makes a lot of sense: nobody would hack down a forest and build a log palisade when they have a ready supply of big pieces of light, strong, malleable, portable sheet steel just lying around gathering rust. Walls like this are common enough in real life, but if you’ve never seen one, you’ve probably played Fallout 3, which is full of them.

Why 5 minutes? Why so low material requirements? Because if it takes any longer or uses any more materials it’ll still be more desirable to just build a series of 6x1 “cars” that are nothing but frames with boards welded onto them and position them as desired. And because it’s not a hard job: throw some scrap onto some supports, apply a few sloppy welds, and move on.

Conjugate suggestion: It’d be neat to see one of these in the game, given the number of cars that I hack to bits every time I play.

I suggested this, but that’s long forgotten now.

Great idea, I’ve often thought that walls are way too difficult to build. As long as the walls were not too strong I don’t see a balance problem. It’d also make construction of a sort of minibase so much quicker, as it’s currently a bit of a long task to attempt.

This is a great idea.