The ultimate board

Was leafing through the vehicle_parts Json to see if I wanted HD boards hard enough to give up on quarterpanels. During my sifting I found an extra zero.

“type” : “vehicle_part”,
“id” : “board_vertical”,
“name” : “board”,
“symbol” : “j”,
“color” : “light_gray”,
“broken_symbol” : “#”,
“broken_color” : “light_gray”,
“durability” : 2400,
“item” : “sheet_metal”,
“difficulty” : 1,
“location” : “center”,
“flags” : [“OPAQUE”, “OBSTACLE”],
“breaks_into” : [
{“item”: “steel_lump”, “min”: 3, “max”: 5},
{“item”: “steel_chunk”, “min”: 4, “max”: 6},
{“item”: “scrap”, “min”: 4, “max”: 6}

Now I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know what half of what’s written there means, but I have a hunch durability is how much of a pounding these parts can take. Either way all the other boards have 240

No sure what to make of this, probably an oversight?

I’d be inclined to agree, seeing as it’s just an extra 0. Just posting the bug in the event someone wanted to shave that extra digit off the end come next build.

That is definitely a typo, nice catch.

Welp. This has been interesting… Woke up again, checked the forums “Ultimate board…? The fuck?” Checked the topic “Oh god a typo, I need to hide… like now…”

Good catch though… XD