Heartburn Medication and Acidic Discharge

Heartburn medication’s in-game use to quell nausea works well enough, but as someone with chronic heartburn IRL, the antacid properties really are the primary feature there. What if heartburn medication could lessen the damage caused by the Acidic Discharge bionic, allowing the player to go a few hours without their sleep being interrupted by it? I love playing as a failed cyborg but the constant sleep interruptions are really just tedious more than anything, and with the health stat being tanked due to the leaky bionic, every bit of sleep counts.

It’s fair to argue that stuff like Tums is only meant to help with stomach acid, and who knows what kind of gunk is being leaked out through your bionics, but it would add a feature to the item and make a frustrating part of the game a bit more bearable. While the troubled sleep could be argued as part of the balance of the failed cyborg, giving the player a resource to find and use to manage its symptoms would create a unique course of action for these players that other professions don’t experience.

What would antacid in your stomach do to a battery leaking into your spleen? Even for direct chemical stuff like bismuth salts the effect is local only.