Are healing mutations worth it anymore?

a few days ago i switched to experimental version 0.d 7763 i went about my usual shenanigans doing the lab start and trying to escape im not very good and new so i died plenty of times a couple of runs ive got trogolobyte serum and got regeneration it really surprised me how little it did in 0.d stable i could just nab the fast healer mutation from the start and id be set but now even with regeneration healing seems to be null so are healing mutations worth it or should i just max out first aid another thing to note is that i start with xxxs weight and ive heard being fat slows healing so how much does weight affect healing

I would say that their usefulness has an answer attributed to both yes and no these days. If your character is healthy then they really kick you up a notch, but if you’re not healthy then they might as well not be there. Also bandage and antiseptic combo really helps with healing and gets boosted as you go up in first aid, even if you’re not healthy, but just don’t expect a broken limb to heal if you’re not healthy.

Being overweight or underweight don’t directly lower your healing, they just lower your healthiness, which in turn lowers your healing rate. It’s proportional I think. Get yourself to normal weight and as healthy as possible then you will have a great healing rate. Broken limbs still take forever though.

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I’d suggest trying an Imperceptive Healer run to realign your perspective, getting a feel for slow healing in the game might make faster healing feel more worthwhile.