Have mansions been removed from the game?

i haven’t played in a long while and i just got back into playing CDDA regularly. But i can’t seem to find any mansions, have they been removed from the game?

Nope, they’re still in. Far as I know anyway? Though I will say in my most recent runs, I see far, far more apartment towers instead of mansions out in the wild.

Their spawn has been reduced, but they’re definitely still in the game.

Maybe cause i’m still using the stable version i’ve still got them all over the place in one map that i’m on.
However I can see why they might’ve been nerfed, considering how OP medieval weapons are. I mean showcase replicas left to sit around some old guy’s house should not be battle ready. Even more so if they were real artifacts.

The spawn rate of mansions was dropped from an utterly insane 6-16 or so per overmap to having a small chance of one or two showing up in a given overmap area. They are now as appropriately rare as you’d expect a place with high end loot and almost no defenses (or an enormous mansion) to be.

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It did need to be done tbf, in the past you could almost bank on getting a mansion at the start of the game.


Exactly. Really, genine medieval armour and weapons should be an incredible treasure.

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I agree. I remember finding a cutlass in a pawn shop and hacking my way out of a city way back in the day. It’s a very unique experience that I won’t soon forget, and mansions essentially made that the “default”

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Not uncommon to find real mansions in New England. While I happen to be dirt poor. A few relatives have one. Depends on the town though. Most large non-mansions are ranch like or agrarian.