Loot generation has been changed?

I just update and start a new game,im using default map generation. And after that im surprised looting spot have a lot of loot inside,is that common on new update?


Yes, as far as I’ve read loot is increasing to be more reflective of reality. A good example is kitchens in houses having actual kitchenware in the drawers, shelters stocked up on shelter-like items. Also more and more clutter is being added.


I wondered why games had got so easy as of late. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be the one turning loot spawns down.

Part of me will miss the days of kicking potted plants to make the shards of pottery into a knife, but another part of me is glad everyone in a given neighborhood isn’t sharing a single steak knife.


Just find other ways to jack the difficulty up, sure cities are full of loot but there is nothing stopping you from increasing enemy spawn rates to compensate or jacking up their speed, or both.
I for one I’m glad that when I enter a shop now I’ll actually find a respectable amount of stuff there without having to turn the spawn rate up, it makes finding rare stuff (which shouldn’t of been affected) much more satisfying.

Bah, I know. I just used to find the game pretty hard, so I’m actually really enjoying the vacation of sorts.

I’m finding that even setting loot spawns to 0.10 my stash become abundant pretty quickly, especially once you start hitting the cities.

It stretches out the early game a little more though.

I’ve been finding challenges and detrimental mutations a very good counterweight since I’ve became proficient enough.

I guess a “natural” way to negate this is to spawn more burned out buildings? A little “% of city/building damage” option may go nicely with the loot % option. It would spawn more damaged/empty buildings at high levels, more pristine buildings at low levels. As sometimes you don’t want less loot everywhere, just less places with nice loot (more places being already looted/trashed).

We don’t have to negate it, as long as rare items remain rare. I don’t mind if a house has an absolute pile of cutlery in it, a fridge full of fresh food, and a bunch of common household electronics (watches, cell phones, etc). Because thats realistic, and not particularly unbalancing. Most of the food in that fridge will rot within a week, the scrap metals and electronics I can pull out of the kitchen and electronics are nothing that already wasn’t in abundance.

As long as finding that ammo cache, that gun in a bedroom, or antibiotics remains relatively rare, the prevalance of common loot for realisms sake is fine. No need to burn down cities by default, and if players do feel its too much, that’s where the ability to adjust spawn percentages come from.

Admittedly, I am a bit biased because last time I played, I was playing high spawn rate high monster rate, so this is halfway to what I considered a ‘normal’ experience :stuck_out_tongue: