More zombie types in mansions

Is it as intended or a long due spawn list update on the wait?

Most mansions are not heavily populated. They have some support staff, the owner, their family, and that’s about it.

Now if we had zombie butlers…

Its likely related to the fact that it started as a classic mod building, IRC, and nobody has ever changed the spawn list.

I think there should be more types of mansions with more types of zombies. That would add a lot to the game imo. It is too easy, and predictable to take over a mansion and you can get a lot from it; library, guns.

Zd suggestions:
Brute Zd / soldier Zd from ex security guards by the control room / gate
Couple of swimmer Zeds for the people swimming in the pool
In some mansions you can have a back yard packed with Zds from the party that went dead
Rare medieval Zd for the guy that put on the medieval armor that was on display
In the basement you can find the Bondage Zd dressed in leather armor
Shocker Zd from the ex land caretaker

There can be different types of mansions:
Nerd mansions (think Notch or Elon Musk) filled with electronics, computers, toys, electric car, tech books. Shocker Zds, rare dead parties.
Lonely rich dude mansion; large library with how to make money books, low amount of Zds, vintage guns
Pervert mansion; bondage basement, dildos, bull whip
Creepy mansion; decayed zombie, skeleton, medieval stuff
Random rich guy mansion: Like now but with more types of Zds

Some mansions are just plain weird. I’ve seen some where the rooms are mostly dining rooms, and quite a decent number of mansions lack bathrooms.

Yea, right now they’re a bit of a sore fitting wise. Neither the “uniform” random layout is much interesting neither the spawns. They’re due for an update.

One could also run into Playboy Mansion filled with zombie strippers and undead Hugh Heffner.

I approve of such a motion.