Has anybody tried to "reset" their character when reached end-game?

You have your deathmobile, awesome armor, all kinds of weapons, CBMs, ready to take on pretty much everyone, but you decide to just ditch everything, mininuke your car and sort of start collecting all the gear and materials from scratch.

I wonder if it’s a fun idea/good challenge considering that ++ monsters have become stronger and evolutionized and – you already have high skills.

I’m not sure about this game, but I can tell you that this thought experiment is regularly tried with nearly every computer and tabletop rpg in existence, and the result tends to be pretty poorly balanced. Game design tends to include equipment progression into it’s danger progression.

In fact, in the tabletop industry, if a high power character with low level gear can survive against equally leveled enemies , it’s considered a design failure.


That’s typically true, but dda lets you manage the level of danger you’re exposed to, so you should be able to recover with a bit of patience.

If anything I suspect this would be easier than you expect, some skills, particularly dodge and block are highly effective no matter how good your gear is.

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Also, you can always use debug mode to reduce certain skills of your character if they seem too OP to you at certain stage of the game!

It basically comes down to your build. If you have high unarmed and dodge with a good martial art and high strength/dex then it probably won’t even slow you down. If all your skills are in ranged combat and crafting and you have high per/int then you might get eaten in a day, or it might just be a matter of finding a cheap rifle and becoming god-tier again.

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It might be fun to switch up your specialty, reserve your previous combat style for getting out of trouble

I suppose you could, but you’d have to switch to an entirely new method of combat since you’d still have high melee/marksmanship/dodge skills.

To make it really interesting, limit yourself to indirect combat. Use only a control laptop or traps to fight. Or install the fusion blaster arm cbm.

Hmm. I know its possible to do that but will it be reliable? I mean those are things you normally wont do. So isn’t it better to just adjust ingame option like evolution and spawn rate then? Or am I missing something?

Harder doesn’t necessarily mean more interesting. Having more, tougher enemies just means you have to be more careful or put more effort into fights. If you can push yourself away from your normal way of doing things, then it makes you think about things differently and come up with new things to do.

True. And i suppose that there are more ways to do that than just adjusting the settings then. Am I right? So your point is that, in order to do that you must try new ways of playing to learn more things, that you haven’t done and then having another raw experience. Isn’t it?

You are correct. Doing the same things over and over once you’ve mastered them is boring, so try new things.

I’ve got a game where I started in a lab with (normal spawn IIRC so no idea how) 30 mini nukes. I also found a lab with a teleporter/portal… so plan is, get suped up, install storage CMB, put in mini nuke, then “go back in time” Terminator style in a regen game, and nuke the “first” lab that caused all the trouble… ending the invasion. :wink:

But as I’ve posted many times over. The option to go through a portal/rip into the triffid+fungal+slime universe/planet as an end game infinite wave enemy spawn ending is IMO a fitting end to the max stat character. (A message would open up when interacting with a rip, on entering would spawn a dungeon/map where it’s nothing but monsters coming in for you!)

Actually that would be very interesting and game lore friendly (due to the portals that bring otherworldly beings) It would be cool to visit the place where they come from but the problem is… How are you going to know if you can breathe or live enough there D; or what alien horrors are there Gasp! or even worse… How will you get back to your lil’ home ); (Yup, even if the planet is in a post apocalyptic waste land state. Its still nice to live there even if it has Zeds ^-^)

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You would not go back, it would be the end of the game one way or another (I’m thinking it would spawn enemies at an increasing rate, so it’s how long you survive, not if you survive).

Non-lore would be using the improbability drive to go back in time and prevent it from ever happening. :wink:

Improbability Drive? Is that a Madness Combat reference?

I think he’s referencing the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

That book really exist in cataclysm too? lol

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