Too powerful!

So I’ve read several people posting about how much powerful their character got that they don’t need any reasonable weapon or protection to defeat enemies, even if they are multiple Jabberwocks, one will still be able to beat it to death with a string. Now, I’ve never reached this state, but I’m guessing it is related to the skills of melee, unarmed, and dodge to become “Unstoppable god”, which you can go out naked and unarmed and still defeat horrendous amount of enemies without getting a scratch whilst dodging blows like an agent of the Matrix. This is beyond silly and game-breaking. I think overtime it will devalue the game and make progressing boring. Because at the end, it’s a survival game, if you become a “God” you will sh*t at that concept.

What I suggest is capping the skills responsible and ultimately gaining balance. Because balance in an RPG game = playability and re-playability.

For example you can raise your Melee skill to 100 or more but its effectiveness is capped at 50 or something. So you are still very powerful with melee weapons but still not “God of melee”, or simply untouchable with a very high Dodge skill.

the thing is, without constantly going into fights like that, skill rust screws you over heavily unless you change the setting. Vanilla is cruel, while others are too easy.

[quote=“Luissen, post:2, topic:3921”]the thing is, without constantly going into fights like that, skill rust screws you over heavily unless you change the setting. Vanilla is cruel, while others are too easy.[/quote]I play with IntCapped and I should say I’ve never had any skill rust issues.

BTW I’m glad skill rust is that cruel because that way the game will hinder you from becoming a beast at least. Even though the skill rust mechanic is not yet balanced.

I think that eventually becoming a god is part of the fun. I mean if you lasted enough and trained to get legendary +15 in dodge you deserve to be an agent of the matrix, also there are plans to make workable skill rust in the future so i guess that one is covered without the need to use hard level caps.

How about no. I fricken hate when people want to introduce these false caps that are simply there because YOUR TOO POWERFUL. If anything we should put skill rust back in but we have to make it better first. Not to mention have you simply forgotten how many things you need to kill to reach those levels? One doesnt just go pop and suddenly murders everything.

I think it’s less about being too powerful and more about how late-game enemies don’t scale with you. Once more powerful late-game stuff is introduced, survival should be a bit more challenging.

Yes, later into the game enemies can’t really keep up with the character in term of power, the evolving zombies idea GlyphGryph posted can address this problem I believe. We need more uber monsters that only spawn later into the game or make normal monsters evolve/change/mutate into tougher ones.

Ive lost 2 day 30+ ‘god’ characters to fires and exploding stuff, powerful doesnt mean stupid proof.

Amigara Horrors are quite capable of instakilling characters that can put down a Thing and not get their gear mussed.

I think we’re OK as is.

I think shelter defence should be more of a gameplay crux. Currently, it’s very easy to reach a state of indefinite survival by collecting & purifying rainwater, butchering wildlife, or even just occasionally ram-raiding a grocery store with a vehicle and a few grenades. I know there are plans in the form of roaming hordes, and combined with the addition of Z-Levels it could make for a really interesting mid-late game.

I agree that powerful doesn’t mean fool-proof, though I’d argue that a fool-proof roguelike isn’t a fun one. Human errors should always be possible.

I agree. Otherwise, there’s no real use for any sort of defenses at all. No reason to use traps unless you’re dropping bear traps at your feet whenever you encounter a single zombie. The trapping skill is essentially useless as it is, except for maybe RP purposes.

As I only play classic Zombies mostly, I have perhaps a bit of a skewed view but I really think that an ‘easy’ (probably not that easy) way to get round these problems is to have stuff deteriorate, break, malfunction and be generally a whole lot less good because at the moment you can just indefinitely survive as everything lasts forever and is relatively easy to make.

This would increase the value of all crafting skills, and be a lot more ‘realistic’. If I make a makeshift shotgun, the chances of it actually working reliably are pretty slim. Yeah, after reading a few books I might be able to make it vaguely work, but it’ll be useless after a couple of shots, especially as I’m using makeshift tools. Having stuff require more materials/yield less would help as well.

On this note, can we please have a reduction in wildlife? I know it’s forests and whatever, but at the moment it’s like a thousand walking meals.

Sorry things that are reliably build wont take damage from fighting. Makeshift weapons might but thats about the extent of item damage.

I could see critical failures messing with items/weapons. So long as you can repair them, why rule out a wild miss that chips your sword, or swinging far and bashing a zombie with the haft of your axe instead of the head? (Happens all the time chopping wood.)
As for effecting gameplay, it would be minimal. High skills would all but remove it, and any character with the tools can reverse it. A non-issue for mid game unless the criits can temporarily break the weapon.

I’d like a split between the wildlife spawner & monster spawner. In fact, more granularity in all fields would be nice- types of monsters, types buildings, types of loot, rather than all monsters, city size, classic mod. I like PC controls.

The question is if you kill a zombie with an Axe, but while attempting to butcher the body chip the head and replace it, then later break the haft chopping down a tree and replace it, that when the zombie gets back up, and you kill it again… Did you kill it with the same axe?

I'd like a split between the wildlife spawner & monster spawner.

i think the zombie-animals will be implemented soon

hell i had bad times with zombears so far, imagine turkey brutes and packs of zombie wolfs!

Also the wild-life could be nerfed in open fields and more prevalent in forest areas

If I manage to stay alive long enough to get my melee skill up to 100, I’ll be danged if I’m going to agree with letting somebody cripple that because they think that it’s ‘game breaking’ or ‘silly’ - I earned it so keep your grubby mitts off of it.

C:DDA is a roguelike, and roguelikes generally center around the hero gradually becoming a total combat monster like that. It’s expected, and it’s fun.

If you don’t like your character becoming a zombie-smashing warrior, by all means turn off skill advancement on your combat skills. I don’t mind if you get eaten, and it makes everybody happy: you can play as a walking zombie snack, and I’ll be a kungfu powerhouse.

Different play styles are options. If you don’t like one of the options, then don’t do it. But please, don’t campaign to take that option away from everybody else just because you don’t care for it.

Fair enough, but I’d like to be able to tweak it.
Wildlife, rare
Predators, super rare
Zombies, common
Specials, rare

So on. Say I want to play a metropolis map, I’d crank down house spawns. Maybe I don’t like smokers, or want to see a lot more food & clothing lying around.
I like settings.

But I am off topic.

Wildlife, rare Predators, super rare Zombies, common Specials, rare
The perfect cataclysm!
I'd like to be able to tweak it.
I'm pretty sure this is already intended, that is the purpose of the mod for world gen