Halloween Creatures appearing after "Merge pull request #4044 from GlyphGryph"

Version 0.8-2353-g3156520, downloaded experiemental build morning of Nov 2nd.

The halloween creatures stopped spawning, but still appear as hallucinations.

I am guessing that you didnt made a clean reinstall?

If not perhaps it could be intended, they are hallucinations afterall

And why shouldn’t they? XD I’m pretty sure when hallucinating the idea is “anything you can think of” though I’m pretty sure you’d be able to confirm you’re “tripping balls” when the terminators are trying to get to your stash.

Yeah the halloween monsters haven’t actually been removed from the game, rather they have simply had their spawning disabled. This makes them fair game for hallucinations (though we might want to consider a “hallucination invalid” tag or something similar that we can stick on specialty/holiday/joke creatures).