H&K G80 Railgun Impossible To Find?

So I am unsure if this is a bug or working as intended, but I’ve raided three national guard bases, a bunch of bunkers and military outposts, and god knows how many labs, and I while I have found 22 of the magazines for it, and 580 rounds of its ammo, I have not been able to find even one H&K G80 railgun.

I have found it on multiple occasions inside the lab barracks’ weapons storage.

I have raided countless lab barracks. Thats where I found most of the magazines. Maybe the RNG just hates me?

It could just be bad luck. Though, I have not tried to find one in the new labs so there may be a difference.

I have never found one. Ever. On any character.

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I was thinking that maybe you could have a mod that would mess with it in some way, but then again you are finding tons of ammo and mags, so I would say to just keep looking.

Just in case, here is an online item locator that someone made. It tells you where certain items can spawn.


Edit: It looks like the chances of the railgun spawning are really low, so it could be safe to say that it is just bad luck.

Huh, never knew anything good spawned in the storage units. Got a couple I haven’t bothered to pillage, I’ll have to check them out.

Power armor also apparently has a chance to spawn in them too. Thats something else the RNG hates me on. I’ve got like 7 suits of basic power armor, BUT NO HELMETS.

Hmmm… I have 5 helmets, 3 hauling frames and no power armor…

Also if you want a truly impossible to find item, the G80 an’t it. Find a shark suit, then we’ll talk.

Found one, but I didnt pick it up. I remember thinking it was weird. Think it dropped off a zombie of some sort.

I’ll trade you a suit of power armor for a helmet and a hauling frame lol.

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I took a look through the mainline item_groups. It’s in the rare and mil_hw groups, not quite the rarest item in either one, but close. RNGsus just hasn’t smiled upon you yet. You’re far far more likely to find power armor than the G80.

I’ve found a couple, they definitely exist. On that note I recently found an XM34 EMP Projector and THOSE are RARE.