Gun Jamming with Every Shot

Playing O.F 3, not using experimentals, using the mod called, I believe, “Generic Guns” or something along that line.
It seems to be happening only with my hand cannon, loaded with pistol ammo, ball
I shoot once, and it says “your hand cannon fails to cycle”
It still shoots without ejecting the spent casing, at what I assume is reduced damage. Just cleaned the weapon, so I’m just not really sure why it keeps happening.
Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Didn’t see anything else on this subject on here or reddit.
Also unable to use the revolver speed loaders(on different guns) but I think that’s a known issue
This is really not a big deal at all, I don’t even really use guns all that often. I just want to know if I’m doing something wrong or if the mod is goofed

Firearm Repair Kit / Gunsmith Kit

You need to do a bit more than just cleaning: and the above items allow you to actually repair them. On that version you’re playing, the Firearm Repair Kit can be crafted quite easily.

Checked and it doesn’t seem like that’s the problem at all. The firearm repair kit let me accurize the hand cannon, and I cleaned and lubricated it for good measure, and it again failed to cycle when I shot it. The weapon is fully repaired and has the ++ next to it now that I accurized it

I’m thinking it must have something to do with the ammo, but I’ve tried JHP and regular ball ammo and nothing’s changed. Is it possible I’m using the wrong magazine? I’m using a 15-round pistol magazine

I doubt very many people play with the generic guns mod, so I’ll just go back to bonking zeds with my fists.
Just checked and it seems to happen to my other hand cannons as well. Really feeling that maybe the hand cannon isn’t compatible with pistol magazines, even though that’s all it lets me reload it with

I wonder if it actually may be the fact that your hand cannon should not be using the ammo itself? Like, maybe the magazine can use different types of ammo, but the guns that can use that magazine have stricter ammo rules? :thinking:

I very briefly dabbled with the generic guns mod before someone started adding new stuff to them. I don’t recall having any issues, but to be frankly honest, I’d usually just get a rifle and stick with it.

However, given that mod doesn’t seem to have seen any significant updates in a while (that I have noticed anyway, last I recall for whatever reason the game was still spawning 5.56 ammo and magazines even with generic guns mod ON, that last Summer), I’d probably just recommend going for the “normal” guns.

I personally know nothing about guns so, if that was the reason why you also chose the generic guns mod, the suggestion I can offer is:

  • Take note of all the guns you find and all the ammo you find in each playthrough you start;
  • As you complete the list, start matching ammo+mags+guns together on a spreadsheet or something and refer to it whenever you have a question about them.

For me this worked, mainly because I started narrowing down what’s “good” and what isn’t, what’s aplenty and what isn’t worthy picking up because of how rare something may be.

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That’s not jamming. That’s a failure to cycle due to the round you’re shooting not having enough gas pressure. Typically caused by firing black powder (exerts less force than modern smokeless powder) but generic guns may be bugging out in this case. I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to fire basic pistol rounds (e.g. 9mm, .45) in a “hand cannon”.


It is worth keeping in mind that F-3 is very old - Near a year and a half now. And F-3 is just Select backported fixes at that time - F Proper is nearly two years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if these issue had been fixed months ago in the experimental releases. Tried doing a scrub of issues/pulls to find something, but whatever the root cause is, I’m not finding much relevant to it.

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That’s along the lines of what I figured but I don’t think the hand cannon has a magazine that allows it to shoot magnum rounds (magnum, I believe, is the step-up from pistol rounds in this mod)
In fact, the description of the hand cannon led me to believe it was supposed to be shooting magnum rounds, but I figured maybe it just hadn’t been implemented or something. I didn’t realize at all though that the game has systems in place to cause a malfunction from the composition of the cartridge. Infinite respect for the people who care about that stuff enough to code it even though I use the generic guns mod because I find it very un-fun to find forty different gun and ammo types and have none of them be compatible. I’ll probably debug in a few magazines next time I play and see if that’s the issue.

It’s crazy I’ve been playing the game since around the time Frank came out and I’m still pleased to find things every time I play. Looking forward to O.G
I like the experimentals and maybe it’s been exaggerated how unstable they can be but since I like playing a single character for at least a few seasons over a few irl weeks, I’ve mostly avoided serious playthroughs on experimentals. Also the portal storm thing got on my nerves so I have a grudge against whatever update that was. I have to imagine the gun/magazine/ammo issue’s been fixed, though. Seems way too easy to replicate unless I somehow got insanely unlucky with loot

Right now, yes, they’re extremely stable - we’re in the freeze phases for the next numbered release, so its all fixes and critical changes, nobody cowboying in portal storm wildness and whatnot. Experimental right after stable tends to be wild as the freeze comes to an end and months of feature changes pile into the game, and then its unpredictable how stable it is until the next freeze period. Its usually stable enough, its just major overhauls like inventory that throw the game into bad states for a while by sheer scale of their involvement. I regularly run experimentals out to mid winter, but I also keep tabs on the git pulls and issues so I tend to avoid bad periods just by that.

You could run experimental right now reliably enough, but we’re also some undetermined level of close to the next major release if you wait. So take yer pick, both are good.