Firearms Expansion

Isn’t it odd how firearms never really malfunction or show any wear and tear? Or how all bullets are equal when it comes to quality and manufacturing? Or how the self-taught player character can turn out perfect quality reloads and sound suppressors using scrounged bits of trash?

This aims to fix all of that.


new system of firearm malfunctions, misfires, and failures which can require maintenance
firearms can take damage and be repaired using a calibrated tool kit

4 new gun mods
2 new tools
many new recipes
many new ammunition types
many bug fixes





At last. Let all gun-nuts rejoice. \o/


REALISM! What makes any game better!

[glow=red,2,300]You take a shit.
You use the Top Gear Magazine to wipe your ass.
You eat a cooked meat.
You feel a cholera coming on…[/glow]

Better stockpile soap bars sonny jim, the realism is coming to your game any day now.

You eat a cooked meat.
"I can’t finish it all!"
You throw leftovers out of window.