"Groundhog Day" world setting

How hard would it be to set a World option so that instead of keeping it or resetting the entire world, it keeps the locations, a la the save-scumming Vormithrax did on his groundhog day series?

Essentially, he saved immediately after the first turn, and then reloaded from there every time the character died. So instead of a complete reboot, the world was familiar.

I assume it would take different amounts of coding to keep the same items everywhere, versus the same buildings but with new variances (different layouts for the same building type in each square, etc). Which would be easier to mod in?

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It’s already supported, save right after turn 1 and then reload it after you die :slight_smile:

Seriously though, we could trigger mapgen to the edges of the overmap, then save to a different directory and reload from that directory on death, I dont think it would be particularly hard.

snort in that case, you should stop calling yourselves a roguelike.

I suppose this question is part of my flirting with learning how to mod the game.

Is that the sort of thing you could do as a mod?

Afraid not, the main thing is triggering wider than usual mapgen, theres no way to do that in a mod. You can’t redirect saves to another directory either, but if mapgen was handled I’d just say do that part manually.