Names and why you picked them

Just a fun little post to see what kind of names you picked for your character and why. Which names stood out for you and were your favorite.

Fun Names, Dumb Names, or Names that just fit.

I’ve taken to giving little clues in the name as to what type of character they are, so I don’t mix up play style from one save to the next. Eg. Susan Archer for a bow hunter or Jessica ‘Hunger’ Reno for a Bioweapon Alpha (cata++) character.

Nothing as direct as renaming them as their profession verbatim, but I still get the clue of which is which on the load screen.


Giga Chad. Previously known as Demigod Dude. A 6’5 demigod character that I carefully created by absolutely minmaxing the shit out of everything, mutations, cybernetics, you name it.

While I did have some game-breaking “balancing” mods like speedydex, stats through s/kills and so on present in my games, It was fun steamrolling through the game, especially since I’ve earned it legit by killing literally an unimaginable amount of mobs throughout the year or so of play.

Obviously I’ve had to remake him a couple times due to a transfer of versions, especially recently when I decided to cut out Aftershock (only played it for the neat CBM’s) and also focused purely on a CBM-focused character in preparation for the finalization of the Exodii, so I cut out any mutation thresholds that I had (previously was a Chimera).

Of course I can feel the nerfs on Mr. Chad, especially the removal of a 20 max on skills to a 10 (I wasn’t very happy to see that all that time I spent grinding my gun skills to 20 was wasted) and that there are no more martial arts auto-attacks like fencing stop thrusts or zui-quan lurch and hits. Imo the only real thing I’m irritated about is the removal of autoattacks, for me it really took some tedium out of the game, but I guess that’s the trade off for more content and a better game, so I’m not complaining too much I suppose. Especially when I’ve played back in 0.A and I had a character buffed by Granades that allowed me to have 100+ in all my stats.


In Magicalysm, I play the Alcatraz prison island challenge game with a one spell magus, locked-up for refusing his antimagic vax. When it wears off, he only has level 0 magic missile.

His name is Gandolfini.


In my longest lasting game. I had a female character named Red. She was named as such, for her red hair. Quite original right? :wink:

She was a master martial artist. At one point in time, she was only 2 away from mastering every vanilla martial art.

Sadly, she died due to a nerf in unarmed combat. (Which I imagined was just Red getting much to old to fight.) Her blows, which a one point. Dealt a sundering 90-120 dmg on a crit. Now only dealt a measly 35-60dmg. (Still good, but for late game. Not good enough.) Eventually something dealt a vital blow. Bringing the 6’9 behemoth of a woman down.


Professor Kalashnikov was happy to reinstate corporal punishment at the regional school. He always traveled with 50lbs of books in his military rucksack.

El Jefe was a weeb that took two weeks overcoming agoraphobia before leaving his apartment tower. He eventually became a robo-samurai, like the anime he so loved. The name El Jefe came from a Clutch song of the same name. The theme came from another song by them, A Shogun Named Marcus.


Quick tip, you can scan books using an e-ink tablet reader, that way you can carry 100 books on you and use the recipes within without having to turn it on. Super portable, just don’t dunk it in water.


I figured that out after the professors demise, which was actually good cause it gave him some flava.
Didn’t know it’d break in water though, thanks for the tip.

Wait what? that’s a thing! I’ve been carrying a library in my death mobile! Got to try this.

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Well, THAT is a useful tip!

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I like to give my mutant characters some sort of designation like XB-284 or something that would be a nick name like ´JB´ XB-284. Gives that feel of someone who doesn´t remember their own name but only the designation given too them as a experiment.

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Yup, after I found that out I realized I really didn’t have a use for a deathmobile and transitioned to an autowalking machine, feels great to be both light and portable with just the bare minimum to survive the wilds.

Having pretty much all the cybernetics helps a lot in cutting down all the extra tools since at that point your body is a walking multi tool.

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Jacie “Leaky” Plummer: My first and middle initials are JC. My last name sounds the same as a plumbing fixture, and “Leaky” is a common schoolyard nickname for people with that name.

Vindicator Mk. X: Mainly a reference to an old arcade tank game. Version numbers = improvements to the character design.

Other than that, mostly randomly generated, which I sometimes tweak a bit.


i use the crit expansion, cause im bad and it super rewarding if you can find a very rare but op crit tool
anyway my character is a CRIT Spec Ops named potato, who had helped evacuate a random math teacher from the nearby town of “China” (no joke)
she then escaped the evac shelter with Shaquita O’neal (also no joke, and these are game generated names except potato)
they ran through the wilderness getting chased by zombie hordes, walking mushrooms, dinos, zombie dino hordes, walking zombie dino mushrooms and the occasional leprechaun, potato had to protect shaquita from most of those since she was technically a U.S marshal
they managed to set up a camp called “Safehaven” in a field nearby the remains of a lab called hub 01, with a nearby medium sized town and a nearby military base, dump, forge of wonders, and goblin encampment
so far they have a working house with a well, 5 new survivors(7 total), a half built kitchen, a atomic powered deathmobile, a garage, a half built forge, a stable, and a farm, and a storage area, the zombies are getting stronger, and potato is getting stronger with them, right now shes working on a underground bunker to store the extra dirt and a place to hide in in case the zombies can get through the spike pits…

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