Got me some Zincite from an ant nest

Is it actually possible (in experimental) to refine zincite into zinc oxide then reduce to zinc powder?

I also got a whole lot of coal and limestone which I can actually use.

Darn ants have let out a Shoggoth from the lab next door, though. Ants keep sending out soldier ants, shoggoth keep eating the corpses and multiplying.

There is a recipe to make zinc out of Zincite. a byproduct is Zinc Oxide which in return can be used to make Zinc Powder.
I would >assume< that there is a way to make zinc powder out of zinc (mortar/pestle maybe…?), but I can’t find a recipe for that in particular.

As usual, the Item Browser is your friend:

I don’t seem to have that recipe. Which is odd, because I have Cooking 11 and a bunch of chemistry books. I’ll check again when I get back from ant bashing.

I see the autolearn tag was only added last week, presumably updating to latest and greatest would provide the recipe (I’m assuming the autolearn will trigger post-update, which could be wrong :confused: )

Hmm, well I’m safe from the BEES owning all my stuff if I update now, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

As always with experimental, one should backup his data folders regularly :wink: