Fertilizer without ants?

So I haven’t spotted any ant mounds within a reasonable drive of my base.

That’s not a problem, because I’ve found 14+ bags of commercial fertilizer, and I’m set reasonably set for fertilizer.

However, now I’m doing the refugee center/ranch quest line, and they want me to make them some fertilizer.

Do they actually require homemade fertilizer, or can I give them some commercial fertilizer? If I have to make the stuff, is there any place to find chitin other than ant mounds? Spiders don’t seem to produce it. If I have to make the stuff and I have to make it from ant chitin, is there any place other than ant mounds where ants are a common spawn? Sewers? Subway tunnels?

The lobsters in swamp and the razorclaws at the shipwreck drop chitin

If you choose the shipwreck, try to not get inside it.

I think there might be other sources however.

Giant wasps and I think pretty much any insectoid enemy. Is there a swamp near by? They seem more common there.

Yes, I’m pretty sure they want the home-made stuff.

Basement spiders tend to produce very little chitin (still some once in a while), but other spiders often give some - giant wolf spiders in particular seem to give a good bit.

Wasps and bees can also give it, as can the giant crayfish in swamps. (I think those giant-wasp-looking things that can give you parasites can also give some? Don’t remember their names.)

I think I’ve gotten a piece from giant mosquitoes and giant dragon flies upon occasion, but it’s very rare (like getting a bone from a squirrel corpse).

Giant cockroaches didn’t have it, but giant wasps seem to drop it consistently. Maybe I need to reconsider my policy of torching wasped homes on sight.

This was the most difficult of the refugee missions so far. Getting the 25 plutonium cells for the shelter was easier, just more frustrating (c’mon, folks, can’t I just give you 25 solar panels? I’d rather). Three cheers for spider basements.

The chitin drop rate could depend on the Survival skill. Get that skill up just in case.

Too bad the quest doesn’t accept the proper stuff. Nothing surprising though. Quests haven’t been touched in a long time AFAIK. Quicker way would be to make a recipe that uses the fertilizer. “Liquid fertilizer” is what they want after all. So, for example: “commercial fertilizer” + “water” = “liquid fertilizer”.