Electricity from scratch

Hey all,
Just started to play this game and it has easily been my all time favorite. I am playing non-stop for a week but I got kinda “stuck”. I want to prepare for my first winter (it is Summer now) and for this purpose, I want to have a nice base with electricity. However, I only have a makeshift arc welder which has a light battery mod in it (I could not find other batteries and cities kinda started to become ruthless, every alley is like a “dissoluted devourer parade”.) and a handcrank. So even for the easiest operations I spend a whole day to reinvent electricity. Is there an approach you could suggest (such as first, craft this, then check xxx locations to find yyy and then do zzz).
Thanks so much.

Start looting rural houses they might have some spare batteries laying around. Other than that start training up your mechanics and start stripping electric cars for their solarpanels, take a rechargingstation form another vehicle (limousine, humvee to name a few) as well as a few car batteries and frames and you can set up your own solarpowerd battery charger.

Edit: You can also look for garages that aren’t in towns to find more tools.

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that What was wat I was going to suggest
if you can you should install a vehicle Welding on a vehicle

Usually after I decide where I want to make a more permanent “home”, I build a 1x"x" vehicle with amenities (RV Kitchen unit, mounted welder, etc) and a storage battery inside of a building, next to a wall and near a window, so I can connect it with a jumper cable to a solar panel array built outside from panels and piping. You need Mechanics at lvl 4 to do so, iirc.
When you’re building “vehicles” that won’t be exposed to danger, it’s useful to use the “handle” part that’s made from pipes, as they’re easier to source compared to frames.
It’s also useful to mark on the map any solar panels and vehicles found, so you can come back later for them. Some buildings, such as the evac center, have pristine solar panels on their roofs; you need a screwdriver and a wrench to dismantle them, iirc.

You really want to mod the welder with a battery compartment mod so you can use car batteries in it. Car batteries are easy to find,contain 2500 charge and can be recharged without a rechaging station.

For power generation you want a vehicle frame with solar panels, though a lawnmower motor and alternator can be another option to generate electricity. To recharge normal batteries you also need a recharging station though car batteries can just be installed directly on the vehicle frame to recharge.


What he said. Also battery compartment mods are much more useful now that the recharging station seems to have slowed down how fast it charges stuff. I just install a load of car batteries on my vehicle and swap them out whenever I need a fully charged one.

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Recharging station is 600W (0.6 charge every second), it is still(?) ridiculously fast. I have 15 car batteries right now, and there are always a few charged ones in the recharger cargo bay to replace depleted ones. No need to bother with installation/removal.

No need, the welder still uses laughably low amounts of energy for the jobs it does. Same with pretty much any powered tool in-game except flashlights and perhaps vacuum packers.

Nowadays there’s one more way to generate electricity. Way more obscure but I’ll list it here for lulz anyway.
So, the first thing you need is an alternator. The bigger the better. If you manage to find 7.5kW generator, perfect.
Then, go find Luna Park. What are those things on rails? Oh, they are mini-trains. And what do those trains have inside them? Steam engines!
Now you just need to take the engine(and coal bunker) out, and voila! You can now build a generator which is working not on gas or diesel but on practically infinite coal.


Hydro-electric power is also possible using waterwheels. The power generated per wheel is comparable to that of a solar panel, but it generates it 24/7. The biggest hurdle is setting the vehicle up over running water.

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Water wheels actually look like a very good option. I will beach a limo and install those as soon as I need more power - someone or me makes hotplates, forges, etc actually consume power. Currently I have 3 EVs with 8 panels total between them. It’s more than enough.