[GMC] Goats Mod Compilation V 0.1.8 now with GMC.exe

Can you please share what’s the state of the Salvaged Robots and Jury-Rigged Robots? What should I download to play them without errors on the latest experimental?

It’s confusing there’s 2 Salvaged Robots mods: “Standalone” and “Civilian”. They throw a bunch of errors along with Modular Turrets and Advanced Technology as their dependencies.

Looking through the errors, it’s seems they have legacy formatting and/or flags. I’ve managed to fix the errors that forbid loading, but still get around 10-15 of non-critical ones.

Threads two years stale now, and looks like the actual github repo is about a year and a half stale. My guess is there is nothing you can download to play without errors on the latest experimental, its been abandoned. That’d be why its floating so many legacy issues. Core ones are probably the same, referencing things that don’t exist the same way now, if at all.