Glitchy thirst, hunger, pain and stamina [With Save] [Solved]

Hi! I am not sure if this is the place to attempt to report whatever is happening in my save, i can tell you that like 10 minutes of this save, i accidentally stepped on a landmine, i survived but this is where it all began, my stamina constantly kept draining to nothing, my hunger and thirst had tripled in it’s rate, pain was coming from nowhere, all kinds of shit started happening, i drank an atomic coffee which didn’t help much as my char was also getting extremely fatigued all the time, everything was killing me.

I only got a more later save when it started becoming a real problem, i’m not sure if i’m OD’ing or the game just wants me dead.

Here’s the restore save so you’ll get it all, use the CDDA Game Launcher, just remember to back up your stuff, to prevent my stuff colliding with your mods and such.

If any of you somehow figure out what the heck is going on, if it’s a hidden stat or something, i’ve tried debug and everything to see if it passed, but it never seem to end.


Uh, forget about this thread, i’ve figured it out myself and i’m just a massive dumdum, seems like Sensory Dulling from the Bionic section is pretty deadly if left on for too long, i had no idea.

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