Giant Trapdoor Spiders

I recently had a run in with these arachnids right next to my base, and I feel like they’re a little bit overwhelming.

They’re basically giant worms who are faster than anyone without the quick trait or bionics/mutations, poison you, and have a grab. By itself this isn’t too bad, the real issue is the numbers they come in. I’ve seen/killed 18 in about a day, including two of the giant ones which have higher HP than hulks. If you have guns then it’s not too hard to dispose of them, but getting a clown car’s worth of spiders on you with no warning and no indication of their presence on the map seems a little unfair. One spider? go for it. Two? sure. Five, even? still reasonable. But more than that is a bit excessive. As an upside, they make mounds of dirt extremely quickly, so if you dispose of them you can easily get 2-3 tiles of pre-turned farm area (pic related).

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Maybe we could open an issue on GitHub so someone can address this, as it seems like there’s a little bit more movement there than here. I’ll give my total support because I hate encountering almost all insects in this game, given the fact that they are either way too strong or/and are in great numbers (sometimes being even more irritating than plants and fungus).

All problems will be solved if we recycle these spiders to become MORE realistic analogues.

funnel spiders don’t dig incredible underground passages, they shouldn’t be able to do it. the most logical method would be to recode the spiders so that they could be buried only after a while without the task of “killing someone”. at this moment, their vision, sense of smell and so on should be greatly weakened, up to 1 cell in all directions. and, like the original spiders, he must create a web around his burrow. as a result, we get the fact that the spider is sitting in a hole, which we can see because of the web in the neighborhood, and if someone steps on it, he will be directly in the vicinity of the spider, because of which he will “get out” of the hole and start attacking. it will be quite realistic, and will not spoil the gameplay
(Like in pic)

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That’s a great idea! I also loved that little picture demonstrating it.

Like I said to Labsenjoyer, we should really open a GitHub issue to expose those suggestions to anyone that is more present there than here. Maybe this way we could even get them implemented. I mean, those are great suggestions, and it would be a waste not to implement them. Of course, that’s only my humble opinion.

I’d love to open an issue for this, but unfortunately I have no idea how to do that and have pretty much no experience with GitHub outside of downloading files. DCHY’s idea is really good and would solve the main problems with trapdoor spiders, but I just don’t know the procedure for getting that out to GitHub.

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Then we are two, but if you guys give me permission I can try to open an Issue and of course give the credits for those great ideas.

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I don’t know if this is how it is done, but I agree

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sure, I would definitely appreciate it!

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It’s done. @DCHY and @Labsenjoyer Thanks guys for letting me do this. I’m sure that are people like your guys that make this game even better.

Link Rework of Trapdoor Spiders attack pattern. · Issue #59863 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub


There already is Giant trapdoor spider is too dangerous and unavoidable in the wild · Issue #56133 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub