Getting shot through the walls by turrets, 0.3 pre

I was having a good run, ran up to a Military Outpost during the night, cleared out the exterior.

Then I opened the door.

I see 2 turrets side-by-side, in the middle-top of the room, the game says “An alarm sounds” or such, I step diagonally back outside to break the LOS.

Then his:

The red * is a bullet, and the { is god know what. But there was a wall there.

To top this out, I was at full health, and found myself dead the moment I moved out of their LOS (the image is from death screen). The message log reported a bunch of turret smg fire.

T’was a good run :frowning:

There’s a button to peek. But yeah, shit happens, mate. Gazes killed me while sleeping. All doors and windows were sealed and the teleporter was 5 map tiles to the west