Getting frostbite in mild weather [0.5-72-g7eff9b9-dirty]

My character’s face is pretty much destroyed by frostbite due to, get this, exposure to temperatures as low as 12 degrees centrigrade! That’s well above freezing. My movement is penalized by -80% because of it. I’m playing a daily built, so I did expect bugs.

[b]UPDATE:[/B] I saved the game and loaded it. The blisters disappeared after I moved one square. My movement is back to normal now.

[b]UPDATE II:[/B] This is a completely seperate issue, but I found these two blocks of nothing on my way back to my safehouse.

[b]UPDATE III:[/B] Another unrelated issue. Partially eaten food items (like for ex. bags of potato chips) oddly move around in the inventory. When I started eating the chips, the item moved to the DRUGS/MEDICINE category.

Thanks for the screenshots ; the blisters are part of effects from being exposed to fire. They don’t get initialized when a game is reloaded, so sometimes you “have blisters” but not really. As you noticed, it only lasts one turn because the next tick they get properly calculated.