Generic Menu Navigation Sounds

So, this is more of a question than a suggestion really.

Would it be possible, the way UI is handled right now, to have sounds for navigating the different menus? Like a “tick” for going up or down in the inventory, a “boop” for choosing an item, etc. I am kind of imagining the Fallout pip-boy sounds.

Also, would it be possible to create sounds for dropping items / picking items up?

Completely agree. The only menu in the game that supports navigation sounds is the home screen’s main menu.

We’d essentially need to get the sfx::play_variant_sound (which is used on the main menu, as mentioned, and also for explosions, movement, etc) bit added throughout the code to allow hooking into various navigation effects.

I would looove this. I think it adds a lot of polish.

My wishlist for separate sounds would be: switching between different panes of a view, for moving up and down a list, for starting a game (whether through a load, a new game, beginning a tutorial, etc), and for deleting a world/game. I know jack all about C++ but I may wind up submitting a PR if I can get it figured out.